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Building a Culture of Preparedness

Ready2Go Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need my cell phones geolocator on?

Yes.  In order for you to receive location specific, real-time alerts and use the are we safe emergency check in feature, you will need to have your geolocator on.

Why am I required to enter personal data in the profile section?

You are required to enter the following data:  Email, cell phone number, date of birth and zip code.

  • Email address is your unique identifier that is used when friends/family are adding you to their emergency (are we safe) check in group.
  • Cell phone number is required so you can receive emergency check in information via text
  • Date of birth is required as Vi-Ability, LLC has a robust privacy policy and permission to use the app if under 13 is required
  • Zip code is required so Ready2Go can send location specific alerts to you

What is alert locations (in the profile section) for?

If you have out of city/state family/friends or just general locations where you would like to receive emergency information, enter their location.  It will ask for a specific address, if you do not have it, the app will pull up a central location.  Once you save the location, you will begin to receive emergency alerts for those locations in addition to where you are physically located.

What is Nearby Places Used For?

Nearby places are where you can search/identify family emergency meeting places, preferred clinics, hospitals, daycare/school locations, etc. that would potentially go to during a disruption.  Once you enter in the address of your locations, save the location by clicking on the heart.  Once saved, they will be stored in your favorite places section of the app

What is the Are We Safe feature for?

Are we safe is an emergency check-in feature to be used when there is a disruption and you want know that status (safe/not safe) and location of family/friends.

How do I add contacts for me are we safe groups?

The upper right corner of the are we safe page has an icon with a + sign.  Click on the icon.  You will be then asked to create a group name.  Then select done.  The app will then ask you to add the email address of the person that you would like to add to the group.  If the person is already a registered user of Ready2Go, the app will automatically add the person to the group.  If not, Ready2Go will autogenerate an email to the email address you entered asking them to download the app so they can join your emergency check in group.

Can I add multiple groups within the Are We Safe feature?

Yes, you can add as many groups as you like.

How do I activate an emergency check-in?

Select the group that you would like to check in with (a checkmark will be visible by the group selected).  Then click on the icon on the lower right.  You will have the option to select safe or not safe.  Once you select your status, there is a dropdown where you can select the event.  Or you can select other.  This is where you can type your status or event that is occurring.

Recommend testing this feature quarterly so everyone in your group is familiar with the process.

How do I see the location and status of everyone in the group?

Select the group that you sent the emergency check in to.  The next page will show whether they are safe/not safe and their location.  If you need to send an update to the group, select the icon on the bottom right corner and you will be able to send a status update to the group.

How do I use the Active Shooter Section?

The current version provides guidance on how to respond to an active shooter event.  The section will take you through a series of questions and recommended response.  At the end of the questions, once you are in a safe location, you have the option to report the event via Ready2Go.  Please note always report an active shooter by calling 911 once you are in a safe location.